PyTorch Style Transfer

Multi-style Generative Network for Real-time Transfer [arXiv] [project]
Hang Zhang, Kristin Dana
	title={Multi-style Generative Network for Real-time Transfer},
	author={Zhang, Hang and Dana, Kristin},
	journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.06953},

We provide PyTorh Implementation of MSG-Net (ours) and Neural Style (Gatys et al. CVPR 2016) in this GitHub repo. Please install PyTorch before running the program. We also provide Torch and MXNet implementations.

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Stylize Images Using Pre-trained Model

  • Clone the repo and download the pre-trained model
git clone
cd PyTorch-Style-Transfer/experiments
bash models/
  • Camera Demo
python demo --model models/9styles.model

  • Test the model
python eval --content-image images/content/venice-boat.jpg --style-image images/9styles/candy.jpg --model models/9styles.model --content-size 1024

If you don’t have a GPU, simply set --cuda=0. For a different style, set --style-image path/to/style. If you would to stylize your own photo, change the --content-image path/to/your/photo. More options:

  1. --content-image: path to content image you want to stylize.
  2. --style-image: path to style image (typically covered during the training).
  3. --model: path to the pre-trained model to be used for stylizing the image.
  4. --output-image: path for saving the output image.
  5. --content-size: the content image size to test on.
  6. --cuda: set it to 1 for running on GPU, 0 for CPU.

Train Your Own MSG-Net Model

  • Download the dataset
bash dataset/
  • Train the model
python train --epochs 4

If you would like to customize styles, set --style-folder path/to/your/styles. More options:

  1. --style-folder: path to the folder style images.
  2. --vgg-model-dir: path to folder where the vgg model will be downloaded. 0. --save-model-dir: path to folder where trained model will be saved. 0. --cuda: set it to 1 for running on GPU, 0 for CPU.

Neural Styles

Image Style Transfer Using Convolutional Neural Networks by Leon A. Gatys, Alexander S. Ecker, and Matthias Bethge.

python optim --content-image images/content/venice-boat.jpg --style-image images/9styles/candy.jpg
  • --content-image: path to content image.
  • --style-image: path to style image.
  • --output-image: path for saving the output image.
  • --content-size: the content image size to test on.
  • --style-size: the style image size to test on.
  • --cuda: set it to 1 for running on GPU, 0 for CPU.


The code benefits from outstanding prior work and their implementations including:

Written by Hang Zhang on April 25, 2017

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